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Kerrville Window Fashions

Beautiful Kerrville Shades

Shades KerrvilleAll window treatments are supposed to serve two purposes, to be decorative and functional. Kerrville Shades can provide your windows with a much better sense of security as well as filtering out light for more privacy. Choosing the right one for your particular window will depend on several factors such as function, style, and ease of maintenance. If you need assistance, you can call Kerrville Window Fashions. Our Kerrville Shutter Company offers top designs modules that are able to fit any window in Texas.

Window Shades can block out light as well as aid in keeping the home’s energy bills lower. This makes them an efficient home component that is worth the investment. Shades are a solid length of material, various fabrics, that’s fastened to a head rail.


Types of Shades

  • Roller
  • Roman
  • Pleated
  • Cellular



This type of shade is made from a vinyl or fabric. It works through the use of a roller. When the treatment is tugged on; it will retract up and can be pulled down for privacy. This is a very common type of Kerrville shade and inexpensive for many types of windows.



The Roman shades are made from a fabric. They are either looped or flat-like. It becomes looped as it is created from a special type of fabric. When it is lowered, it has a flat-like appearance and the materials gather when raised.



Pleated window treatments have a simple pleated look. They are created from fabric like most others. The materials are pleated in straight segments. They have the look of a curtain but can be pulled down or up.



The Cellular shades have a honeycomb shape that allows for better heating and cooling control. From the front of the treatment, they look pleated. Cellular shades work well in bedrooms where there is a need for privacy and sometimes darkness.



The number one reason that people buy shades is for privacy. This is a feature which allows for home or business owners to perform their daily tasks without people looking in from the outside. Window Shades are cost-effective and can conform to any size window, especially when they are custom fitted by Kerrville Window Fashions.


Insulating Values of Shades

The main advantage to having shades in your home over other types of treatments is they can control the temperatures in the room(s). When pulled down, they become blockers from the sunlight getting through as in the winter; they block out the cold from getting in.

In order to get your Kerrville shades, it’s imperative that you call Kerrville Window Fashions. Free installations and measurements are what have developed our company over the years and not to mention the customer service that we are able to deliver to our customers.


Our Kerrville Shades Provides These Detailed Services

  • Window Shades
  • Roman Shades
  • Roller Shades
  • Sun Shades
  • Bamboo Shades
  • Blackout Shades
  • Solar Shades
  • Honeycomb Shades
  • Shade Installation
  • Shades Company
  • Kerrville Shades
  • Shades in Kerrville


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If you are looking for Shades in the Kerrville area then please call 830-733-0041 or complete our online request form.

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