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Kerrville Window Fashions

Decorating with Roller Shades

Since the modern architectural movement of the 50’s and 60’s, the desire for bigger windows and an uninhibited view continues to grow. It’s not surprising considering that the window provides its own type of art, framing the view outside and highlighting the beauty of nature.

Roller shades are the perfect treatment to achieve this look by seamlessly blending into the window and becoming a part of the architecture. Their slim profile and minimal, modern design make them the ideal choice for rooms that require a treatment that adds to the décor but doesn’t draw attention away from the view.

Natural shades are such a beautiful way to bring the outside in that they play very well in modern rustic rooms as well as beach-inspired spaces. Introducing them into an all-white bedroom to add texture without distracting from the simplicity is a lovely way to complete the design for a finished look.

Call us today and wake up your windows with new roller shades.

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