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The Differences Between Solar Shades, Cellular Shades, and Honeycomb Shades

When speaking of your window treatments and what types you may want for your Kerrville area types of shadeshome, there are many styles and types to choose from. Unfortunately, it can get confusing as to what the differences are. Many people throw out the terms interchangeably, which makes the matter even worse. Here are a few differences that you’ll find useful when trying to distinguish between solar shades, cellular shades, and honeycomb shades.

Solar Shades

The solar shades are generally made of one piece of material that is drawn down or up on the windows of your Kerrville home. They are normally attached to the top of your window frame but can also be attached on side tracks along your window sides. Options that allow you to open them from bottom up or top down will definitely glide along side tracks, while top down only shades can be attached to the top or along side tracks.

Solar Shades used to be only popular for commercial window coverings, but many Kerrville homeowners now take advantage of their beauty and high functionality in their homes. Using solar shades gives you special options in privacy that help you to choose the amount you want on a particular window of the home. They’re wonderful for media rooms and home offices as well.

When you speak of being able to see through a window shade, you’re talking about the opacity or ability to see through an object. Privacy options depend upon the opacity of the material, or how well you can see through the window shades. From complete blackout shades to highly visible shades that you can nearly see straight through, shades give you many options.

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades are not made with just one piece of material. At least two layers of material make up the shape that’s referred to as, “honeycomb” because they resemble this shape. You have a choice between single cellular shades that give you a single honeycomb layer or double cellular shades that give you a double hexagon shape.

Honeycombs have multiple hexagonal chambers that make up the cells for the larvae in the bees nest. With the double cellular shades, you’ll have two rows of honeycomb cells and not just one to help you save even more energy for your Kerville home.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are honeycomb shades because they have cells shaped like honeycombs. They are referred to as cellular shades by some manufacturers and customers simply because by design they trap the air in between layers of material that keep the air within the cell pockets from mixing with the air outside and inside your home. This makes them efficient energy saving window treatments for your Kerrville, TX home.

    • Pockets of air that insulate the windows
    • Come in a variety of cell sizes
    • Come in an array of colors
    • Come in a variety of opacity options

Whether you choose cellular shades or solar shades, you’re on the right track to creating a functional window covering that helps you save energy for your home in Kerrville. And with all our Texas summers, it’s always a great choice when you go with materials that help you keep that heat outdoors where it should stay!

If you would like more information on shades or other window treatments, please call the professionals at Kerrville Window Fashions, 830-733-0041 or fill out the online request form.

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