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Drapery Care: Keeping Your Draperies Looking Their Best

Draperies KerrvilleDraperies are beautiful — not to mention quite costly. To be sure you’ll enjoy their beauty and avoid the high cost of replacing them, you need to provide your draperies with plenty of care over the years.

Here’s the good news: Caring for your draperies is a simple process that anyone can do with great success! To be sure you enjoy the greatest success with your drapery care and, thus, maintain the most beautiful draperies for years to come, read on to learn the best ways to care for them:

Don’t Smoke in Your Home

Here’s a good rule of thumb for keeping ALL of the installations in your home looking good while also keeping your home smelling good: Don’t smoke in it. Smoke particles can bury into the fibers of your draperies, leaving them with a persistent cigarette smell as well as a permanent dull appearance. To avoid smelly, dull draperies, take your smoke breaks outside.

Be Mindful When Washing Your Draperies

Here’s good news should you ever notice stains on your otherwise beautiful draperies: You might be able to simply throw them in the wash. MIGHT: That’s the focus here. While many kinds of draperies can safely go through the wash, not all of them can. To know whether a machine wash is safe for your draperies, simply see what their tags tell you on the subject.

Vacuum Your Draperies Regularly

No matter how meticulously you clean your home, you can’t avoid dust buildup. Luckily, for your solid surfaces, you can simply wipe them down to get rid of that buildup. And though you can’t remove dust from your draperies as easily, its cleanup is just about as easy. Simply run a vacuum with an upholstery attachment through your draperies every couple months or so, and they’ll continue looking their best!

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